Category: Nature

Black & white?

In the last weeks I did not take very many pictures. One reason is because I was not traveling to other countries and I do not get too excited to take pictures in Germany, because I live there and so […]

The beauty of our world

Cuba has a great nature. There are a lot of plants and animals that only exit on this island and some parts are biospheric parks that are protected by the government. The cubans have a very little ecological footprint. Not because […]

Exotic Flower

This is another picture I took in the zoo “Wilhelma” in Stuttgart. I like taking macro photos of flowers a lot, especially when it is an exotic or extraordinary flower like this one. Taking macro photos with my sony bridge […]

Lily Pads

The lily pads on this picture are so huge and stable that small persons like children can sit on them without drowning. But I was also really impressed by their nice green and red colors. The picture has been taken in July […]

Get closer

I really like taking macro photos. If you just get close enough you can create a really interesting photo of ordinary things. Last weekend I went to the Black Forest which is a really nice area in Germany. While I […]