The beauty of our world

Cuba has a great nature. There are a lot of plants and animals that only exit on this island and some parts are biospheric parks that are protected by the government.

The cubans have a very little ecological footprint. Not because they know much about sustainability or environmental protection. They use very little resources, because they only have very little resources. While a citizens of the European Union needs three to four times as much resources as they should, cubans are doing pretty well.

If something is broken we just buy it new. Cubans try to repair everything they have to use it as long as possible. I am sure that can be quite hard, but they do not really have a choice.

For us it so much easier to buy a new TV, a new car or a new phone when it is broken. Why would you bother repair something if you have enough money to buy it new?

Even if Cuba is not environmental friendly because they want to – we can still learn from them. Sweden for example just past a law to reduce tax on repairing services so that people are more willing to get things repaired instead of throwing them away.

But you do not have to wait for your government to make things easier. You can do a lot of things on you own to reduce your ecological footprint. I sold my car some months ago, because in Stuttgart it possible to got everywhere you want by train, bus or by renting a electric car. So it would not make sense to keep my car and produce a lot of CO2 all the time. I am sure if you just think about it you will also find a lot of things in your life that you could change to use less resources – without having any real disadvantages by doing that.

Our world is a beautiful place with stunning nature. What are you willing to do to keep the beauty of our world?


This picture has been taken in a botanical garden in Viñales, Cuba in September 2016.

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