Month: September 2016


Last year I traveled from south to north Vietnam. One of my last stops there was Sapa a small town in the mountains. Sapa was way much too touristy but from there you can do hiking trips to smaller villages […]

Lily Pads

The lily pads on this picture are so huge and stable that small persons like children can sit on them without drowning. But I was also really impressed by their nice green and red colors. The picture has been taken in July […]


On this market in Durban we where the only white people although there live a lot of white people in South Africa. The sad thing about this country is that black and white people are still separated where ever you […]

Open doors

Last year I travelled through the United Arabic Emirates and South East Asia. In Thailand I visited a lot of buddhistic temples and in Abu Dhabi I visited the Sheik Zyed Mosque. Although I live in a christian country I do […]

It’s all about diversity

How boring would our world be if we all had the same skin color, the same religion, the same culture and the same mindset. The more different a culture and a country is, the more I am attracted to it. […]

Get closer

I really like taking macro photos. If you just get close enough you can create a really interesting photo of ordinary things. Last weekend I went to the Black Forest which is a really nice area in Germany. While I […]