Why do we work?

The main reason why most people work is to earn money. With the money you can take care of essential needs like paying for rent and food. But depending on which country you live in, work may have a very different meaning.

In Vietnam where this picture has been taken, there is a very small amount of unemployed people (2,4% in 2015 and 2016). The communistic government is doing pretty well in giving jobs to everyone, even if the job itself might be unnecessary.

So you could end up in restaurant where there are more employees than costumers. One waitress will take your order, the next waiter will bring the food, another waitress will bring the bill and the last one will give you back your change.

Do the vietnamese really work just to earn money? Or does the government also wants to keep their citizens busy to prevent them from doing something else?

In Germany people do not only work to get money either. They work to have a certain kind of prestige. They want to be able to afford a certain kind of lifestyle.

Maybe some of them are doing their job because they really like what they are doing or because they see a lot of sense in their work – but that seems to be really rare. It seems like most Germans even do not care to much about having enough money to eat – because compared to their salaries they spend a very little amount on food.

Germans rather spend their money on luxury goods like a nice car. But does it make sense to eat low quality food and have a high quality car?

Why do you work?

Because you love your job? Because you want to make a lot of money? Because it gives you the ability to take care of your essential needs? Because you want to gain prestige? Because you find a greater sense in doing your work?


This picture has been taken in DaLat, Vietnam in October 2015.

The city in the desert

Dubai is very different than other cities I have visited. It is basically a bunge of skyscrapers in the desert.

There is stunning architecture, like Burj Khalifa – the highest building of the world. Or the Palm Jumeirah, which is an artificial peninsula in shape of a palm. Next to that they are currently building The World, which shall be a composition of islands that have the shape of continents so that it looks like a world map from above. There are gigantic shopping malls and one has a skiing hall next to it – in the middle of a desert where it has 55 degree in the summer.


Yes you will find endless creativity in wasting money and creating architecture.

But you will not find real character in Dubai. There is very little history, but more than enough money. It is a city built for rich people.

It is too clean, too great, too rich, too safe and too perfect to have any character or real culture. There are very high fines for throwing trash on the ground, slapping somebody or drinking alcohol in public – which is a good thing. But can that really change behaviour of society? Or will it people just make to keep all problems at home where no one can see it?


No expectation – no disappointment

When my sister first asked me to visit her in South Africa I was not sure if I wanted to go there. Africa in general has never really been on my focus and I just do not know much about the continent. So I also did not know anything about South Africa.

I sort of imagined South Africa as a boring desert with poor people and nothing interesting to see. But I did not know how wrong I was…

My sister did a semester abroad to study at the university in Durban and from the first moment she was in love with the country. So finally she convinced me to come and we spent one of our greatest holidays there.

Well there are a lot of poor people, there is a lot of criminality and black and white people are still separated. These are definitely big disadvantages that kind of destroy the beauty of the country.

But the landscape is the most beautiful I have ever seen.

In the eastern area there is a subtropical climate where you can find rain forests with waterfalls. While there is desert in the north west.

In the Stellenbosch area (close to Cape Town) there is a mediterranean climate where all the vineyards are. Besides you see mountains and wonderful trees, which reminded me of North Italy.

But there is not only a great diversity of different landscapes, you will also a find a lot of rare animals in a huge variety. You can see pinguins and ostriches at the Cape of good hope. If you do a safari in the east you will see lions, elephants, rhinos, zebras, crocodiles, hippos and dangerous snakes. And the greatness does not stop here.

In addition South Africa is supposed to have the most beautiful sunsets of the world – and as far as I can tell this is definitely true!

Watching the sunset on the coast around Cape Town is just stunning. This picture has been taken at Camps Bay.

I went there with no expectations and came back with very unique and great impressions.

If you do not have any expectations you can never get disappointed.


What is happiness?

For some people happiness might be money and consumption.

For others it is to love and to be loved.

For someone else it could be success and prestige.

For you it may be your family.

For me happiness is traveling.

For the lady on the picture it is obviously smoking a cigar.


But why is it sometimes so hard to be happy even when we have everything we wanted?

Sometimes we reach for a big thing in our life and expect that to make us happy – like a new house or a new job.

So we have to see poorness or terrible things happening to get reminded of how happy we are already.

Sometimes we have to be reminded how small things can be happiness – like smoking a cigar.


This picture has been taken in Havana, Cuba.