Black & white?

In the last weeks I did not take very many pictures. One reason is because I was not traveling to other countries and I do not get too excited to take pictures in Germany, because I live there and so it does not seem as interesting as a foreign place.

Another reason is because it is cold and dark most of time right now, so I do not really want to go out.

Today I forced myself to go out and I actually took some pictures. Of trees without leaves in the fog. They looked really depressing and almost colorless. At home I turned the pictures in complete black & white and did not like it either way. It seemed really boring and sad to me.

Well there are some really great black & white photographers and their pictures do not look boring at all, but to me they always transfer kind of a sad feeling.

I just rarely take pictures in black & white, because I think it is such a pity to take away all the color. It seems like there is an infinite number of colors in our world. Why would I want to get rid of it? For me color is what makes a picture interesting and lively.

So I had to find something else to take a picture of with some more color. Finally I took one of my orchid at home. I really love orchids and I love macros.

On this close up you can see what amazing things our nature can build and what great colors. The closer you get the more details you will see and in this case also a lot of wonderful colors.

Orchid in my appartment in Stuttgart, December 2016