You are free!

Do you think you are free? Do you think you can do whatever you want to?

Your answer is probably “Hm no, not really. I have to go to work, I have to take care of my children, I have to take care of my parents, I have to pay for my house, I have to clean, I have to…”

Yes everyone thinks he has to do something. Because we need to earn money, because we have responsibilites, because we are used to do something and do not think about it anymore or because society expects us to do it.

Well, I am going to tell you something: THIS IS NOT TRUE! You do not have to do anything you do not want to!

You are free – you just do not know it or you forgot about it.

You do not believe me? Okay I will explain it to you.

You think you need to work and earn money? But it is possible to live without money, if you want to know how that could work read the book “Happy without money” by Raphael Fellmer or ask a homeless person. Yes it might be hard, but it is possible if you just really want to. At the point in your life when you got your first job you decided to do that because you wanted to, not because someone forced you, right? You decided to live with money, because you chose to live that way and you decided on having your job because you wanted it.

You think you have to take care of your children? Okay that might be what other people expect you to do. But you were the one that decided to have children and you also decided to keep them. Yes could have decided not to have children, you could have had an abortion, you could have given away your children. That sounds cruel? Maybe, but this is the truth.

Most of the time you decide based on what consequences your decision might have. You ask yourself if you can live with these consequences and then you make a decision. There is a saying that even if you do not make decision you made one.

You decide everyday on your children, you decide everyday to go to work. You have a choice to do that or not do that everyday and every minute of your life – because you are free!

Freedom is not something you can touch or really proof – it is all in your mind, you just need to be aware of it.

Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, Germany in October 2016.

The city in the desert

Dubai is very different than other cities I have visited. It is basically a bunge of skyscrapers in the desert.

There is stunning architecture, like Burj Khalifa – the highest building of the world. Or the Palm Jumeirah, which is an artificial peninsula in shape of a palm. Next to that they are currently building The World, which shall be a composition of islands that have the shape of continents so that it looks like a world map from above. There are gigantic shopping malls and one has a skiing hall next to it – in the middle of a desert where it has 55 degree in the summer.


Yes you will find endless creativity in wasting money and creating architecture.

But you will not find real character in Dubai. There is very little history, but more than enough money. It is a city built for rich people.

It is too clean, too great, too rich, too safe and too perfect to have any character or real culture. There are very high fines for throwing trash on the ground, slapping somebody or drinking alcohol in public – which is a good thing. But can that really change behaviour of society? Or will it people just make to keep all problems at home where no one can see it?


Open doors

Last year I travelled through the United Arabic Emirates and South East Asia. In Thailand I visited a lot of buddhistic temples and in Abu Dhabi I visited the Sheik Zyed Mosque.

Although I live in a christian country I do not believe in God or Jesus and I am not religious. The reason for that is that I do not want my destiny to be dependent on another person or a God. I think the only person that can influence my life and my destiny is me.

Anyway there is something true about every religion and all religions have some values they share with each other, such as love, hope and mercy. This is why I am still interested in seeing other religions and recognize how similar they actually can be. It does not matter if I go to a christian church, a mosque or a buddhistic temple – their doors are always open no matter if you believe in their religion or not. I just wished people would generally be more open to other religions too and see what unifies them instead of emphasizing what differentiates them.

This white mosque in Dubai really impressed me by its architecture. It is so huge and contains so many decorative details like flowers and ornaments.