Month: October 2016

¡De Madrid al cielo!

I shot this musician last year in Madrid (Spain) in a park. In generell the Spanish seem as if they knew how to enjoy life – they hang out in bars or restaurants all the time and have fun with […]

If you think about Cuba…

Whenever you see pictures about Cuba you might see nice old cars, impressive colonial buildings or happy cubans dancing salsa and singing. Well all this can definitely be found on Cuba for sure, but if this is the only thing you […]

In the streets of Trinidad

Julio Muñoz is a street photographer in Trinidad (Cuba). When I read about him in my guidebook I wanted to meet him as soon as we got there. Whenever I travel I really love taking photos walking around foreign streets and places. […]

Nos une el barrio

Last week I just came back from my holiday in Cuba. I traveled around the island for three weeks with my sister. This picture has been taken in the streets of the nice town Trinidad, which is in central Cuba […]

Exotic Flower

This is another picture I took in the zoo “Wilhelma” in Stuttgart. I like taking macro photos of flowers a lot, especially when it is an exotic or extraordinary flower like this one. Taking macro photos with my sony bridge […]