Open doors

Last year I travelled through the United Arabic Emirates and South East Asia. In Thailand I visited a lot of buddhistic temples and in Abu Dhabi I visited the Sheik Zyed Mosque.

Although I live in a christian country I do not believe in God or Jesus and I am not religious. The reason for that is that I do not want my destiny to be dependent on another person or a God. I think the only person that can influence my life and my destiny is me.

Anyway there is something true about every religion and all religions have some values they share with each other, such as love, hope and mercy. This is why I am still interested in seeing other religions and recognize how similar they actually can be. It does not matter if I go to a christian church, a mosque or a buddhistic temple – their doors are always open no matter if you believe in their religion or not. I just wished people would generally be more open to other religions too and see what unifies them instead of emphasizing what differentiates them.

This white mosque in Dubai really impressed me by its architecture. It is so huge and contains so many decorative details like flowers and ornaments.


It’s all about diversity

How boring would our world be if we all had the same skin color, the same religion, the same culture and the same mindset.

The more different a culture and a country is, the more I am attracted to it. There is so much to explore and so many things to see that you have never seen before. You will see things that make you wonder,  things that leave you breathless.

South Africa Market

In April I went to South Africa, first to Durban and then to Cape Town. This picture has been taken on a market in Durban. Most of the women there covered their faces with loam to protect their skin from the sun.