The city in the desert

Dubai is very different than other cities I have visited. It is basically a bunge of skyscrapers in the desert.

There is stunning architecture, like Burj Khalifa – the highest building of the world. Or the Palm Jumeirah, which is an artificial peninsula in shape of a palm. Next to that they are currently building The World, which shall be a composition of islands that have the shape of continents so that it looks like a world map from above. There are gigantic shopping malls and one has a skiing hall next to it – in the middle of a desert where it has 55 degree in the summer.


Yes you will find endless creativity in wasting money and creating architecture.

But you will not find real character in Dubai. There is very little history, but more than enough money. It is a city built for rich people.

It is too clean, too great, too rich, too safe and too perfect to have any character or real culture. There are very high fines for throwing trash on the ground, slapping somebody or drinking alcohol in public – which is a good thing. But can that really change behaviour of society? Or will it people just make to keep all problems at home where no one can see it?