If you think about Cuba…

Whenever you see pictures about Cuba you might see nice old cars, impressive colonial buildings or happy cubans dancing salsa and singing. Well all this can definitely be found on Cuba for sure, but if this is the only thing you see about the island you just know the half of the truth.

If you think about Cuba…

…you may imagine a lot of rum and cigars. But no one tells you that the rum is almost cheaper than water and how many alcoholics there may be.

…you may think that everyone drives a cool old-timer car. But you do not know that there are even more people that cannot afford any car and have to walk instead.

…you may believe that there are great old colonial buildings wherever you go. But if you leave this one street that is made up for tourists there are people living in ruins and poorly build houses.

..you may imagine the cubans as happy people that are dancing and singing all the time. But no one sees what is happening behind closed doors.