In the streets of Trinidad

Julio Muñoz is a street photographer in Trinidad (Cuba). When I read about him in my guidebook I wanted to meet him as soon as we got there.

Whenever I travel I really love taking photos walking around foreign streets and places. Taking photos of local people during that is the most interesting thing.

Therefore I took some photography lessons with Mr. Muñoz and they were really helpful. He showed me how to combine different settings on my camera, how to create interesting composition s and strategies to get a good shot on the street.

After the workshop I took even more pictures than normal and I think this is one of my better photos. It shows some boys kidding around on the way back from school. I really like their uniforms and their facial expressions.


In Cuba education is free, even university. But when I talked to a local guy he said that education is not really worth anything, because many people do not get a job after graduating. And even if they get a job, they will not earn more than $ 20-40 a month.

Mr. Muñoz said that a photo is good when it tells a story – and I think this one does.

What do you think about this picture? I would be happy to hear your opinion about my photos in the comments!


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