Role Play

We all play different roles in our life. Today you might be a middle-class person, but tomorrow you could be a traveler. In the morning you are a business women, in the afternoon you are playing the role of a wife and mother.

But while we switch from one role to another, sometimes we forget who we really are.

You need to open our eyes and see in which roles or categories you have been put into by others and which roles you chose by yourself.

Who are you when no one is watching?

Maybe it does not matter that much who you are, maybe it matters more who you want to be. I think we need to try different roles to figure out which one fits the best.

And if you really want to change the part you are currently playing you might have to change your environment too.

When you are traveling solo, you can become a new person everyday. No matter where you go no one will know you. This can be scary at first but it can be also really liberating once you started. No one will be able to put you into a certain category, because you might be surrounded by different people every day.

Or you could move to another city and start to be whoever you want to.

I have played a lot of different roles by myself and I am still not sure who I want to be.

I used to be a student and a employee, I am trying to be a good girlfriend and daughter.
I played the role of a solo traveler for three months before I went back to be an employee again. Since I moved from Stuttgart to Hamburg I am a (desperate) housewife trying to find a job 😉

Now my challenge is to figure out who I want to be next. A full-time blogger? A photographer? Or a normal employee again? Well, I hope I will find out soon…

This picture has been taken in a train station in Hamburg, Germany in January 2017.